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Private Labeling

Our high-quality CBD products have been tested, trusted and proven. Using premium, high-quality CBD oil and proprietary production methods, we infuse CBD into a multitude of products and bring the power of hemp into all aspects of your life.

Custom Products

Thinking of infusing CBD into your products or creating a specialty product to fit your brand?

We have a team of chemists and product development specialists to bring your dream alive into a custom product that fits your brands vision.

Bulk Concentrates

We offer a variety of products and services to fit your business needs

Bulk CBD Concentrates

Bulk CBD Infused Bases

Custom Mixing and Blending 


Our Process

Our private label and custom product division's mission is to provide the highest quality CBD products for our clients. We provide oversight management through all steps of the whole hemp production process, allowing us to choose the finest oils as well as custom oils that make each product unique. Our products are more than just CBD products, we utilize the whole plant and its endless combinations of CBD, minor cannabinoids to unlock and maximize its true potential. Our private label products have gone through extensive testing, market research and accumulated countless claims to their effect and quality. Beyond private labeling we can work with your business to create a unique and special product that fits your brand.

To learn more about our Private Label, Custom Product Development, and Bulk Concentrate Products and Services, please inquire below and we will get back to you with all the information you need to start, expand or take your CBD business to the next level

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